Supercharge your community's engagement with writing cohorts
Partner with Taptive to run live educational programs for your members and unlock the true potential of your community
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Building a community is hard.

It takes time, resources, and attention to detail.

So, most organizations don't take full advantage of the potential of their community.

And they end up missing out on opportunities like new sales, community-generated content, word-of-mouth growth, and customer retention.

This is where Taptive comes in.

We help community-focused businesses capture the full potential of their communities with the power of writing cohorts.


peer-to-peer relationships

By focusing on writing, we create the opportunity for deeper conversations and connections that increase retention and word-of-mouth growth

1,000 +

1:1 Connections Facilitated


Boost your
social media

Our cohorts lead to dozens of community-generated blog posts and thousands of impressions that share the authentic voice of your community




Increase the value of your community's membership

We offer a polished, tested, and highly-rated learning experience that gives community members another reason to come back to your community



Over 14 communities have partnered with Taptive to supercharge their community's engagement

What does the experience look like for the community member? 

We get it. Your community members deserve the best.

So, we’ve spent 25+ cohorts improving the program and ensuring your community will love it.

Enroll in the cohort

We work with your team to design a beautiful landing page that shows community members the value of joining the program.


We welcome community members into the cohort with our tested onboarding process.

Participants will introduce themselves and get excited for the experience.

Kickoff Call

We start the cohort off with an energizing Kickoff call.

We've iterated on a minute-by-minute schedule that leaves participants eager to begin.

Weekly Writing Schedule

We give cohort participants the structure and accountability needed to publish.

We send reminders and ensure cohort participants know exactly what to expect.


(Live and Async)

We integrate directly into your existing community platform to keep attention in YOUR community.

We meet live on Zoom 4 times to give feedback, learn writing fundamentals, and connect.

Dozens of Resources

Throughout the program, we send cohort participants dozens of resources, guides, and frameworks that support them on their writing journey.

We’ve run over 25 writing-focused cohort-based courses helping writers publish 1,000+ essays.


3 Week

4 Week

Step-by-step cohort launch process facilitated via the Community Partner dashboard
Custom-made landing page aligned with your brand (including analytics)
Taptive’s landing page backend (automatic welcome email and participant workflows)
Unlimited community participants
Custom-made learning home
Taptive’s 12-part writing tips course to start the cohort
Taptive’s “The Publishing Process” writing workbook available for all participants to use during the cohort
Taptive’s 4-part cohort onboarding process (including onboarding survey, community introduction template, getting started publishing guide, and more)
Taptive’s Leaderboard and Leaderboard Submission form to track participant progress
Cohort Competitions and Awards (optional: custom NFT awards)
Community Analytics setup via Common Room
Taptive’s Accountability Matching Form
Live Kickoff Meetup run by Taptive
Weekly Summary Emails and Reminder emails
Feedback Meetup Agenda and slides
Number of Live Feedback Meetups
Cohort Customizations

Book some time to learn more about Taptive and how we can help you.




What does a cohort look like?

We have all the features needed for a successful cohort

  • 4 Weeks, 4 Essays, 1000 Words Each
  • Taptive’s Onboarding Process
  • A White-Labeled Learning Home for your community to collaborate
  • Taptive’s Kickoff and 4 Live Meetups
  • Business writing support like Taptive's "The Publishing Process"
  • Cohort Champions and Writing Partners to support writers
  • Asynchronous Slack/Discord discussion
  • Taptive’s Business Writing Primer

Supercharge your community today

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